About Barbara

Barbara Ganley

I’m a writer, photographer, teacher, ecological gardener, wildlife habitat restorer and kitchen adventurer. In 2008 I left teaching writing at Middlebury College to open Community Expressions LLC, to assist rural communities in enhancing civic engagement and lifelong learning through storytelling.

In 2010 I also established Open View Gardens LLC on our sixty-five Vermont acres to encourage healthy eating, community building and inter-cultural understanding through gardening and cooking. Over the past thirty years,  I have grown much of  my family’s food while experimenting with what can be grown in a Vermont garden and orchard.

With Kate, I write a seasonal garden-kitchen column for our local newspaper, The Addison Independent, called Patchwork, Three Gardens, Many Kitchens.

To read more about my ideas about gardens, see the post, “The World in a Garden.”

To read more about my ideas about stewarding the land, see the post, “Seventy Acres of Scrub Farmland.”

To learn more about my work with kitchens and gardens, visit me at openviewgardens.com.


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